Wednesday, October 21, 2015

B And M

This week was very hard working for most of the class. In math we were assigned to write our initials on paper and later passing them on to desmos. It tool a while so I could carefully write a B and a M. Than I had to find every point in the letters and type them in google sheets. This is when i encountered my first problem, I didn't know what exactly I was doing in google sheets. Paris later explained to me that google sheets was to simplify my work, finding my equations and slopes for me. Pretty cool. Later I had to transfer my google sheet numbers into desmos, This was a big problem for me, I had trouble typing in the right equation in desmos. My B was deformed and I didn't know hot to fix it. Paris once again came to help me, I learned that my equations were all wrong because I didn't put in the brackets so it was all screwed up. This once again is a great example of the mistake.learn.grow process. I really made a lot of mistakes with my equations. Paris taught me how to correctly type my equations and I learned from it. Now I'm growing from that, working like a pro on desmos !

Monday, October 5, 2015

Long Now Concept Cards

We have a project called the Long Now which is very complex because everyone has a part and has to complete it in order for the whole thing to be explained. One of the many mistake I did during these weeks was not working at my fullest, I could of been done with my concept card in 2 weeks but I slowed down and put detail in it so I guess I learned how to really put in detail and show my work into the card. The type of detail that I put in was choosing the right colors and centering them for it to look professional. This is a good example of the mistake.learn.grow process. I realized my mistake and i learned from it so in the end i could grow from it. Successfully making a professional Concept Card.

First Week Of Hell.

This past week was awkward for me because I knew no one at all starting high school. I think that the mistakes that I made were me saying someones name wrong, or not correctly writing my name in Arabic. When I was in class, I couldn't just say someones name and call them for help. I didn't know their name. It was hard learning a completely different language and writing my own name. But, I learned from those mistakes and now I can say everyone's name correctly. Also,  I can write my name in Arabic correctly and I can also read it. This was my learning process of mistake.learn.grow. I didn't know people's names, I learned from it, and now I know everyone's name.